QUESTIONNAIRE M&S Support for Crisis and Disaster Management Processes and Climate Change Implications (MSG-147)

The aim of the MSG -147 is to develop a reference architecture with an initial intended usage in Education and Training, capable of producing realistic environment and behavior by modeling of natural or man-made disasters. In follow on stages of the development, the reference architecture is envisioned to support decision making process by offering possible solutions (based on the historical data, mathematical calculations, Lessons Learned/Experience gained) and further enables prompt, reasonable and effective generation of Crisis and Disaster Management processes and Climate Change Implication (CDMP & CCI) Response plans.

In a strive of achieving the above mentioned aim, the project team needs to do a research and development in two directions:

  1. Building a set of existing or developing missing mathematical models of disasters fed from a statistical database or real-time sensors network, with a standard output interface allowing publishing of the calculated results into a federated network.
  2. Compiling a database from Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), regardless of national specifics and diversities, with an aim of identifying rudimentary measures (either common or unique), classify them by adding metadata and as a result building a filtering mechanism, capable of generating dynamic response plan proposal, applicable to the calculated impact of disaster models.
  3. With a goal of initial proof of concept and avoiding the extensity of the work given the various possible situations causing first and second order effects, the initial intend is that MSG-147 focuses its research on Floods, Earthquakes, Wild Fires, Extreme temperatures, and Toxic gas contamination.  

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1. Do you use any of the above mentioned disaster models. If yes, with whom you develop these models and would you be willing to share the results with MSG-147?

2. What are the guiding documents, such as Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs), Standard Operational Instructions (SOIs), policies, concepts, doctrine, Lessons Learnt, Job Desсriptions (national, EU, other), that shape your activities in para 3

If convenient, provide the listed documents or relevant text.

3. Are you willing to connect your Operational Platform, during Education and Training Events, and be able to receive the calculated by MSG-147 Reference Architecture disaster impact?

If yes, please specify the type / name of your Platform.

4. Do you use any M&S system, tools or software in your organization, at the division, directorate, branch, office, cell or an individual level, dealing with CDMP&CCI for predicting disasters?

Please describe your organization’s crisis prediction capabilities. Could these capabilities be used in federated or standardized network?

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