Outstanding upshots gained from the CMDR COE’s Annual Seminar

Outstanding upshots gained from the CMDR COE’s Annual Seminar

Outstanding upshots gained from the CMDR COE’s Annual SeminarDate: (01-07-2014)
Duration: 3 days

CMDR COE has successfully hosted its 2nd Annual Seminar, which is designed to facilitate meeting of experts and sharing of experience among bodies dealing with crisis and disaster response. The event took place from 1st to 3rd July, 2014 in Sofia.

Interagency interaction in crisis management and disaster response was the main topic of the seminar. "...If we are united and share our common experiences we will be ready to tackle the different and sometimes unexpected crises and disasters. Crucial for this is the interagency cooperation..." pointed out Rear Admiral Petev in his opening speech.

As a key note speaker, the Deputy Minister of Defence Mr. Ivan Ivanov said that he has a particular interest in crisis management and disaster response because he has been committed by the Ministry of Defence for the construction and operation of the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence. In his lecture he emphasized on three aspects. The first aspect is related to the foundations of the policies and practice of crisis management. The second aspect is: Why crisis management and disaster response and why this problem area is so important? And the third point is: What should be the response to a crisis?

More than 120 representatives from 16 countries and more than 20 organizations participated in the event as it shows the importance of the seminar subject on international level. This annual event, second in a row, enables SMEs from NATO and Partner nations to share their views and thoughts in perspectives on cooperation and collaboration issues of common interest. The CMDR COE intent is to facilitate the exchange of ideas regarding transformation throughout the trans-Atlantic community by creating a common understanding in the sphere of crisis management and disaster response. Lectures and presentations were held in a very caring and friendly atmosphere.

"...We need to identify and learn lessons. We need to collect and share expertise and experience. We need to determine the best practices and to focus our efforts in their effective implementation in order to reduce negative consequences of such kind of challenges. This is the main goal of the CMDR COE and the main purpose of this seminar", mentioned colonel Roussinov, CMDR COE Director in his closing remarks.

CMDR COE would like to express sincere thanks for the significant contributions of all participants toward the success of the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Interagency Interaction Seminar.

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