2012 COE Directors Conference, Norfolk, VA, USA, 2-4 October 2012

2012 COE Directors Conference, Norfolk, VA, USA, 2-4 October 2012

Date: (02-10-2012)
City: Norfolk
Duration: 2 days

The 2012 COE Directors Conference (2012 COEs DIR) was held on 2-4 October 2012 at HQ SACT and at the Combined Joint Operations from the Sea (CJOS) COE in Norfolk, VA, USA. Twenty one centres (seventeen NATO accredited and four in different stages of establishment) as well as ACO representatives participated in the meeting.

The major topic of the Conference was: Focusing on the relevance of COEs to NATO and the Nations. Following last year′s recommendations, the conference was planned to have a more strategic, mid-term perspective. The major topic was only one and the event was held at a strategic customer′s location. This created favorable conditions for a close and direct interaction with the ACT leaders. For the first time, the directors of the COEs as a group met with the National Liaison Representatives (NLRs) and the Partner NLRs.

The participants in the 2012 COE DIR showed keen interest in the issues discussed at the conference. The topics sparked lively discussions that focused on the coordination and cooperation between the COEs in order to avoid duplications and on the establishment of new Communities of Interest (COI) led by the centres. All the participants agreed on the critical importance of communicating the relevance of COEs to the Sponsoring Nations (SN). It was noted that the volume of COE′s work was not problematic. However, the participants placed emphasis on the need for a qualitative change in COEs individual and collective output that should be more responsive and relevant to the needs of NATO and the Sponsoring Nations.

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