MSG-147 Kick-Off meeting

MSG-147 Kick-Off meeting

MSG-147 Kick-Off meeting Date: (17-03-2016)
City: Sofia
Duration: 2 days

The responsibility for Crisis Management and Disaster Response as well Climate Change influences is different for every nation and may involve several ministries and agencies. It is also a core task of the Alliance. Today the Alliance is able to make decisions in crisis and emergency situations, and to act under significant threat and time pressure. NATO develops capabilities to be ready, on a case-by-case basis and by consensus, to contribute to effective crisis management and disaster prevention. This enables the Alliance to actively engage in crisis management and disaster response, including through non-Article 5 crisis response operations. The Alliance is therefore encouraging the joint training of military and civilian personnel to help build trust and confidence.

The 2015 Gap Analysis Report serves as the foundation for the development of the 2015 Action Plan (AP) on M&S in support of military training identified a gap in NATO computer supported capabilities dealing with big events with negative impact over human society like crisis and disasters as well evaluation of Climate Change.

A CMDR COE team started working on the MSG for using of M&S for conducting of experimentations, tests of concepts and doctrines, Computer Assisted Exercises (CAXs) and training in order to investigate and assess Decision Making Support and Data Analysis for Crisis Management, Disaster Response (CMDR) and Climate Change challenges.

The aim of the MSG is to develop a technical platform capable of supporting and conducting crisis management and disaster response exercises and analysis. It should be established with several crisis management and disaster response tools and simulations that are unique to NATO and enable non-military type operations. The software environment should enable to provide:

-        distributed environment

-        automated data collection,

-        engine for modeling with defined triggers,

-        C2 logic and SOPs implementation;

-        a dynamically generated plan for Crisis/Disaster Response,

-        prognosticate and analyses in response of disasters and Climate Change.


In that regard NATO STB has confirmed the approval of the MSG 147 TAPs endorsed by NMSG in Oct 2015 “M&S Support for Crisis and Disaster Management processes, and Climate Change implications”.

The MSG 147 is:

-        Open to: All NATO Nations and Organizations, All PfP and Global Partner Countries

-        Confirmed participants: AUT, BGR, DEU, SVN, USA, ACT, JFTC, MS CoE, JCBRN COE

-        TBC participants: SWE

In preparation of the above mentioned activity, the CMDR COE will organize a kick-off meeting on 17th and 18th March at hotel Arena Di Serdica, Sofia, Bulgaria.

NATO Nations and Bodies, Partners, Industry and International Organizations are invited.

For participation confirmation and any questions please refer directly to the Chair of the group.


Col. Orlin Nikolov, Chief of Capabilities Branch in CMDR COE; office phone” +359 2 92 24705; mobile: +359 887 997 540


If you interested to participate should register on the CMDR COE Website:


You can download Technical Activity proposal (TAP) from here.

You can download MSG-147 kick off Calling Notice from here

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