Disaster Management Course (NATO ETOC CODE: ETE-CM-22007)

Disaster Management Course (NATO ETOC CODE: ETE-CM-22007)

Disaster Management Course (NATO ETOC CODE: ETE-CM-22007)Date: (13-05-2019)
City: Sofia
Duration: 5

The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) will conduct Disaster Management Course from 13 May to 17 May 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.



Acquisition of basic knowledge related to disasters as phenomenon, the disaster management process and its close relation to the risk management process, as well as the main players and mechanisms in disaster response.


Training Audience:

Military officers (OF-2 to OF-5) and civil experts assigned to NATO HQs and Agencies, NATO and Partner nations state agencies, regional and municipal administration, as well as other representatives from organizations/companies with responsibilities or special interest in the disaster management domain.


Learning Objectives:

- comprehend basic theoretical foundations of man-made and natural disasters, and outline main terms and definitions of disaster management;

- describe the key processes in disaster management and risk management in accordance to UN, NATO and EU concepts;

- outline the key actors, factors, mechanisms and interactions in the disaster response domain within the context of a Comprehensive Approach (CA);

- understand military′s role in disaster management in UN, NATO and EU.



N/A (Not Required).



This 5-day course comprises of lectures, practical teamwork and student presentations, intended to introduce the disaster management fundamentals by discussing several aspects of this topic, as well as illustrate disaster management process issues in a given scenario. Improvement in the knowledge of the attendees will be defined by an open-book test.



NATO Unclassified Releasable to Partners



English (high level of proficiency required).

The English level of the participants should meet the criteria stated in STANAG 6001-3232.



Registration forms are welcomed no later than 1 April 2019, and preferably before then. The course will not take place with less than 10 participants. The maximum number of participants is 30. Applicants are advised to apply early in order to avoid disappointment.

The applicant will be notified no later than 8 April 2019 whether or not is admitted to the course. If admitted to the course, the student will receive a pre-course info indicating further details of the course. 



Course Fee:

100 euros (for all participants, excluding speakers, and those participants from CMDR COE sponsoring nations).

Other costs (travel, accommodation, meals) are at the expense of the attendees.

Cancellations will be accepted only until 4 weeks before the course begins. After this date we have to charge the course fee.



- COL Dimitar Dimitrov, dimitar.dimitrov@cmdrcoe.org, +359 2 92 24 738

- Mrs. Stanislava Kraynova, stanislava.kraynova@cmdrcoe.org, +359 2 92 24 715


Info Package is available here.

Disaster Management Course (NATO ETOC CODE: ETE-CM-22007)

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