Defense Support to Emergencies

Defense Support to Emergencies

Defense Support to Emergencies Date: (11-05-2017)
City: Sofia


Event Title: Defense Support to Emergencies (CFR# USACMP1701283MLE)


Host Organizations: Civil-Military Emergency Preparedness Program (CMEP) in collaboration with Crisis Management & Disaster Response Center of Excellence (CMDR CoE)


Event Dates: July 11–13, 2017; Travels dates are: July 10–14, 2017


Registration Deadline: June 26, 2017

Participants: Up to about 60 from MoDs / Joint / General Armed Forces Staff:

  • Open to NATO Partners who will receive funding support for each country to send up to six MoD and Armed Forces participants: (Funded countries include: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia*, and Montenegro)
  • Countries are strongly encouraged to send personnel with direct national responsibility for, or experience with, the two themes outlined below. 
  • NATO Allies are also welcome to attend but must do so on self-funded basis. 


CMEP Background: CMEP is a DoD security cooperation program that originated in 1992 to support NATO Partner nations in enhancing civil-military cooperation and building national-level capacity in emergency preparedness.  CMEP works with NATO Partners in “all hazard” emergency preparedness, with specific support to the NATO Partner Cooperation Menu (PCM) areas of cooperation Crisis Management (CM) and Civil Emergency Planning (CEP).


Event Summary: In response to a variety of crises, such as the recent migration crisis or natural disasters of unusual severity, the use of armed forces to support civil authorities has been increasing. This multinational “Defense Support to Emergencies” conference seeks to provide defense and armed forces personnel with a forum in which to discuss and exchange perspectives, experience and lessons learned along two major topics: national response to emergencies and international disaster relief operations.

Given the topic of this conference, the CMEP Program is extremely pleased to conduct this event in collaboration with NATO’s CMDR CoE.  The newest member of the NATO CoE community, it seeks to improve interoperability, development and enhancement of NATO standards in building capacities, providing assistance for the effective use of joint experience and capabilities and education and training of personnel in the field of crisis management and disaster response.


Event Points of Contact – supporting the CMEP Program for this is event is the Center for Civil-Military Relations:

Info package for Defence Support to Emergencies WorkShop (click here to download)

Draft Agenda up to 17 May (click here to download)


*Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name

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