Resilience Through Civil Preparedness Course (Pilot)

Resilience Through Civil Preparedness Course (Pilot)

Resilience Through Civil Preparedness Course (Pilot)Date: (10-12-2019)
City: Sofia
Location: CMDR COE
Duration: 3
Depth of knowledge: Level 200 / 300

The CMDR COE is dedicating targeted efforts at supporting NATO’s efforts to increase resilience in the crisis management and disaster response domain. Responding to an identified gap in the education and training landscape on the topic, the CMDR COE and the CIMIC Center of Excellence (CCOE), NATO Department Head for CIMIC/CMI/Civil Preparedness discipline, have embarked on jointly developing a tailored training and education solution - the Resilience through Civil Prepredness pilot course. The organisers intend to conduct two annual iterations - one at the CCOE (first half) and one at the CMDR COE (second half).    



To provide senior civilian and military experts with an understanding of the various aspects of resilience at the strategic level and the effects, thereafter, on the operational level through increased awareness of the relation between civil preparedness and improved operational effectiveness. 



Training Audience:

NATO structures and agencies and NATO members only.

OR-8/9 to OF-3 and higher and/or civil equivalent assigned to NATO HQs and agencies, missions and operations; NATO members′ Ministries of Defence and subordinated HQs; Ministries and State Agencies functioning within the fields of Civil Preparedness in terms of Crisis Management (CM).


Learning Objectives:

- Explain the relation between resilience and civil preparedness and the effects on military activities / operations.

- Support the integration of resilience aspects into the medium/long term planning within respective chain of command.

- Support strategic advice on different aspects of Resilience through Civil Preparedness and its impact on the military operations.



Trainees are strongly encouraged to undergo the following online courses / modules:

1. NATO ADL 051 - NATO Civil Emergency Planning - An Overview

2. NATO ADL 169 - Improving Operational Effectiveness by Integrating Gender Perspective.

3. NATO CMI/CIMIC Awareness Course available at:


Please bear in mind that ALD 051 and ADL 169 require account registration on NATO e-learning platform: This platform is NOT managed by either the CMDR COE or the CCOE. Refer any technical matters to the NATO JADL Admin Support. 



The course consists of interactive lectures, practical tasks, case studies, and a final hands-on task. Premised on adult learning - a method enabling the active involvement of trainees in the process of learning by encouraging critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving based on individual approach and creativity, the course will engage trainees in the "creation" of knowledge, and will capitalize on their experience and expertise within their areas of responsibility. The use of audio-visual and hands-on techniques will foster an enabling learning environment.


CMDR COE Online platform

In line with the CMDR COE’s commitment to a cleaner environment, the Centre is limiting hard copy distribution of training materials, therefore, using the Centre′s online platform for information sharing and communication. Access to this platform is granted upon successful registration (automatic e-mail with personal credentials). Login: using your account credentials, click on “My courses” and select Resilience through Civil Preparedness Course. You are now in the course group and will receive all up-to-date course-related materials, information, and instructions. Trainees are encouraged and expected to regularly consult their accounts.



The command of English language should be at a professional level, according to the criteria stated in STANAG 6001- 3-2-3-2 or B2+/C1 according to the  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 



Participants are expected to attend all course activities, as the intense programme does not allow for absences during the course. Late arrivals or early departures will not be accepted. Certificate for successful completion shall not be awarded in case absences are recorded.



Mandatory online registration should be completed as soon as possible, but no later than 17 November 2019. The required minimum for course conduct is 15 participants, and the maximum – 30.


Dress code:

General (both military and civilian): Smart casual.

Optional (military): Uniform.



Participants are expected to have a valid insurance coverage for their stay in Bulgaria.


Course Fee:

Not applicable.



Cancellation of participation is only possible with a 2-week notice prior to the start date of the course. 


Useful links:

- Sofia Municipality:

- Sofia Airport:

- Railway transport:

- City mobility:  

- Sofia guide:

- Sofia free tours -   



Course Director - CIV Gergana VAKLINOVA; e-mail:; phone: + 359 2 92 24 741

OPR – CIV Stanislava Kraynova; e-mail:; phone: +359 2 92 24 731; +359 893 698 423

Resilience Through Civil Preparedness Course (Pilot)
Resilience Through Civil Preparedness Course (Pilot)

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