Building Resilience through Civil Preparedness

Building Resilience through Civil Preparedness

Building Resilience through Civil PreparednessDate: (16-12-2019)
City: Amman, Jordan
Classification: NATO UNCLASSIFIED Releasable to Jordan

“Building Resilience through Civil Preparedness” Crisis and Disaster Management Workshop  (16 – 20 DEC 2019) 



Understanding and applying basic criteria for evaluation of national resilience across all sectors in the country in order to assess achievement of the requirements.


Workshop objectives:

∙             Interaction between national and international organizations especially those actors involved in security and crisis management related issues and decision-making;

∙             Enhance resilience within the comprehensive approach trough interagency coordination, cooperation and cross-sectorial interaction;

∙             Meeting the current and future challenges in bi-lateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of peace and security, they need skills that help them reach acceptable solutions for any problem;

∙             Enhancing Situational Awareness - Staff must take the political, legal, economic, social and ecological factors of regions into account to devise collective solutions;

∙             Understand the relations between Jordan and its strategic partners (international players like UN, NATO and EU) concerning resilience.

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