CMDR COE Annual Conference 2020

CMDR COE Annual Conference 2020

CMDR COE Annual Conference 2020Date: (14-05-2020)
City: Sofia
Location: CMDR COE premises
Duration: 1 day

The CMDR COE is pleased to announce that the 8th Annual Interagency Interaction in Crisis Management and Disaster Response Conference will be conducted on-line on 14 May 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Conference serves as a platform for information and knowledge exchange and promotes coordination of actions among key stakeholders, both military and civilian, in the CMDR domain. Each year the event addresses specific issues from the latter domain and gathers experts from across NATO Allied and Partner countries. Main theme for the conference is “Crisis Management in 21st Century”.


The 2020 Conference features the following panels:

  • Crisis Complexity in 21st Century
  • Climate Change Implications on Security
  • Recasting Strategy – A Human-centered Approach to Security.

Keynote-speaker invitees:

We hope to host top-class experts from modern warfare development and management in crisis and disaster domains. Details will be provided in due time.




Panel 1: Crisis Complexity in 21st Century

This panel is intended to stimulate thinking about the vast geopolitical movement characterizing the world today and possible global trajectories during the next decades. Our effort is to encourage decision makers—whether in government or outside—to think and plan for long term so that negative futures do not occur and positive ones have a better chance to unfold. We are aiming to make this effort as collaborative as possible, believing that a diversity of perspectives enriches the work. The panel will focus on some so-called global aspects that we consider as megatrends worldwide. Our desire is to promote practice oriented views and researches in the crisis management and disaster response domain. We would like to hear opinions coming from professional practices and directly contributing the professional perspectives based on experience and experiments that cover below mention aspects of humankind development.

Rapid growth of sophisticated technologies has placed a hot potato in the security environment as converting materials and information into various digital forms. Consecutively this process of Digitalization inspired by political ambitions sets the stage for Hybrid Warfare. Powered by a new wave of Cyber technics, such warfare implements Artificial Intelligence where humans are substituted by IT-systems. Operations of all shapes and sizes include Robotics in the way of acquiring and reasoning. To be more strategic and efficient we would like additionally to cover issues of Mass-migration based on our understanding that the demographic trend will fundamentally trace most economic and political patterns and relations among humans and states. At last but not least, to drag attention to the Frozen Conflicts where hostility remains and their further declines remain a possibility.


Panel 2: Climate Change Implications on Security

This panel is going to address climate change as high-probability, high-impact security threat that will continue to accelerate over the coming decades, with a wide range of implications for the geostrategic environment. Climate change works as a ‘threat multiplier’ – it exacerbates the drivers of conflict by deepening existing fragilities within societies, straining weak institutions, reshaping power balances and undermining post-conflict recovery and peacebuilding. Projections of the speed and the magnitude of climate change vary, but both long-term climate trends and short-term irregularities and extremes can influence social and political stability, particularly in already fragile contexts. The science of how the climate will continue to change over the coming decades provides a sound basis for risk assessment – far more so than information used to assess other factors affecting global security, such as nuclear threats or changes in the balance of geopolitical power.


Panel 3: Recasting Strategy – A Human-centered Approach to Security 

In retrospect, military strategy has gone a long way to account for changes in the security environment which place the human at the center of CMDR activities. In this context, ever closer civil-military interaction necessitates due attention on, inter alia, protection of civilians (PoC) and gender mainstreaming. Urban environments, technological advancement and climate change strain capabilities underlining the criticality of resilient and capable forces, and as resilient and dynamic processes.

The present panel will be organized in a workshop-format looking into all of the afore-mentioned topics individually and consequently - in their totality as per aggregated impact and effects on military strategy for CMDR. The importance of a collaborative comprehensive approach will be highlighted by the emphasis on collective brainstorming and focus discussions.


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Conference POCs:

Colonel Dariusz DOBRON, Conference Director Chief Transformation Branch, CMDR COE

Office: 00359 2 9224704; cell 00359 88 557 3554




Doctrine & Standardization Expert, CMDR COE Office: 00359 2 9224745; cell 00359 89 706 0690


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