Hungary joins the CMDR COE

Hungary joins the CMDR COE
Date: (05-07-2022)

On 5 July 2022, a flag-raising ceremony marked the accession of Hungary to the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence. Hungary officially joined the organization on July 1, after signing a Note of Joining to participate in the Memorandum of Understanding of the establishment, administration and operation of the Centre.


The formal ceremony in front of CMDR COE’s headquarters was attended by the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr Dragomir Zakov and Lieutenant General Dimitar Iliev, Deputy Chief of Defence. In the presence of Mr. Erik Csernovitz, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of Hungary and LtC Ede Nagygyörgy, Military and Air Attaché of Hungary, Colonel Attila Ferenc Varga and Major Joszef Papp hoisted the Hungarian flag in front of CMDR COE premises. Hungary became the fourth Sponsoring Nation of the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence.


In his welcoming speech, the Director of the Centre, Colonel Nikolov appreciated the accession of Hungary as a symbol of Allied cooperation and collective efforts in times of war on the Eastern flange of the Alliance and in favour of NATO transformation.


The CMDR COE is a multi-national NATO military body sponsored by the Hellenic Republic, the Republic of Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Republic of Bulgaria (Framework Nation). The Centre, located in Sofia, Bulgaria, currently has a 40-strong team of both civilian and military experts who continuously tackle a wide range of CMDR-related issues with the ultimate goal of supporting NATO’s standardisation and transformation. Strong partnerships and effective collaboration are critical for the successful achievement of the afore-mentioned goal. Hence, the Centre has forged excellent partnerships and systematically enhances its cooperation with key NATO and EU bodies, institutions, and agencies. As a hub of expertise in CMDR, the Centre provides a wealth of information and expertise.


Considering the nowadays challenges and intricate security environment globally, the CMDR COE places emphasis on innovative critical thinking on Crisis and Disaster management; Environmental risks; Climate change; Building resilience through Preparedness; Building Integrity; Modelling & Simulation and AI Technical architecture for Decision Makers and Gender Focal Points. Additionally, the Sofia-based COE serves as platform for key NATO events, as well as for numerous CMDR-related conferences, workshops, and trainings.


The Centre is determined to firmly establish and further sustain its position as an internationally recognised and highly respected body which provides value-added Education and Training products, research and analysis, strategic policy recommendations, and advice by means of concept experimentation and doctrine development.





The initial planning conference for the SEESIM 14 exercise was held in Zagreb, Croatia

The initial planning conference for the distributed computer assisted exercise South Eastern Europe Simulation Network (SEESIM 14) was held in Zagreb, Croatia. The Republic of Bulgaria is co-organizer and participates actively in the conducting of the exercise together with the Host Nation. Among the participants are also representatives of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Montenegro, Romania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, United States of America and the SEEBRIG.

The exercise is held under the auspices of the Ministers of Defence of the SEE Nations.


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CMDR COE FEBRUARY Forthcoming events
  • In 3-7 of February experts from the CMDR COE team will take part in the Final Planning Conference of the SABER GUARDIAN ′14 Exercise, organized by the US EUCOM and BGR LANDFORCE.

The purpose of the exercise is to train and educate civilian and military participants in planning and conducting an UN mandated Chapter VII Peace Operation/Crisis Response Operation, based on a Comprehensive Approach, and focusing on co-operation and co-ordination within an unstable environment, involving all stakeholders. The principal exercise focus is the civilian-military cooperation and coordination. The scenario supports exercising a wide range of peace operations functions (e.g. rule of law, humanitarian, etc.). The CMDR COE will contribute to achieving the exercise objectives by providing subject matter expert support in the CMDR area and by organizing distributed point for White cell.

  • In 11-13 February 2014 the Civil-Military Interaction: Disaster Preparedness and Response Workshop will take place in Sofia. The workshop is sponsored by the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria and the CMDR COE. The workshop comprises lectures dedicated to NATO and EU Crisis Management, role of military in civil security, risk management, as well as discussions and tabletop exercise.
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Internal CMDR COE Seminar on the Crisis in Syria

The CMDR COE organised an internal seminar which was held on 20.12.2013. The main focus of the seminar was the crisis in Syria. The CMDR COE experts discussed issued related to the chronology of the crisis; the increased influx of refugees to neighbouring countries and Bulgaria; the positions of NATO, the UN and EU; the involvement of international humanitarian organisations etc.

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Visualizing Implications of Climate Change on Military Activities and Relationships was conducted

On 11-12 December 2013, the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) co-hosted together with US European Command (USEUCOM) and the US embassy in Bulgaria the workshop Visualizing Implications of Climate Change on Military Activities and Relationships. The opening remarks were given by the Deputy Minister of Defence of Bulgaria, Mr. Ivan Ivanov, who welcomed the participants and underlined the importance of the topics that the workshop focused on.

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