20. VIKING 14 (Working meetings, MPC, FCC) (April - June - October 2013)

20. VIKING 14 (Working meetings, MPC, FCC) (April - June - October 2013)



Date: April - June - October 2013


Place: Bulgaria - Sweden



The aim of VIKING 14 is to train and educate participants - civilian, military and police – in planning and conducting a UN mandated Chapter VII Peace Operation/Crisis Response Operation, based on a Comprehensive Approach, and focusing on co-operation and co-ordination within an unstable environment, involving all stakeholders.


The Training Audience is comprised of military, police and civilians. The Exercise Core Planning Team is military and civilian. The Exercise Control staff is joint military-civilian.


Joint military-civilian exercise development - Training objectives, scenario and main exercise events and incidents.


Basic method and technical standards and procedures – "The Persistent Partner Simulation Network".


Principal exercise focus is civilian-military cooperation & coordination.


Deep/rich scenario enables diverse & detailed civilian and police play.


Scenario detail also supports exercising a wide range of peace operations functions (e.g. DDR, SSR, rule of law, humanitarian, etc.).


Sites have civilian observer/trainers, a civilian exercise coordinator, a civilian site advisor, and some have civilian mentors.

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