19. SEESIM 14 (Working meetings and ESC) (June - October 2013)

19. SEESIM 14 (Working meetings and ESC) (June - October 2013)



Date: June - October 2013


Place: Croatia


Description: The Exercise promotes the coordinated, rapid, interagency response of SEDM nations to real world threats – both natural and man-made – to our individual and collective security.


The main goals of SEESIM 14 are to:

- Standardize and improve national, SEEBRIG HQ and regional processes and procedures in emergency response situations; improve interoperability among the SEDM nations and SEEBRIG HQ;

- Provide a training environment to promote SEDM and NATO objectives of transparency, confidence-building and good neighbourliness;

- Encourage development of national and regional modelling and simulation capabilities;

- Practice and improve information management and flow procedures between and within the Emergency Operations Centers.


Participants: The CMDR COE will participate in SEESIM 14 in order to provide SME support in the CMDR area.


CMDR COE will participate in working meetings on this topic throughout the year.

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