11. Military Implications of Climate Changes Workshop (10- 12 December 2013)

11. Military Implications of Climate Changes Workshop (10- 12 December 2013)



Date: 10- 12 December 2013


Place: Bulgaria


Participants: MoD, Other Ministries,NATO&PfP


Description: The most recent Reviews states that climate change will play a significant role in the future security environment. Projected changes in climate patterns and the resulting impact on the physical environment have the potential to create vulnerabilities within populations globally and present new challenges to security and stability. Countries should be equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools and capabilities in order to assess, interpret, plan for and mitigate the impact of climate change.


The goal is this regional workshop is to introduce web-based visualization tools applicable to the Balkans region and will introduce participants to a) ongoing US research efforts on climate change; b) socio-cultural aspects of water security; c) and currently available geospatial tools. Workshop attendees will become familiar with relevant regional datasets, understand the implications of downscaling climate models, and gain the ability to begin geospatially integrating multiple datasets in order to better understand and describe impacts of climate change upon their specific region. The ultimate goal of the workshop will be the transition of technology and knowledge to colleagues while building partner capacity in the fields of geospatial analytics and climate change, in order to support regional cooperation and military adaptation to climate change.


Remarks: The Workshop is planned to be co-organized and conducted with USEUCOM on 15-16 OCTOBER 2013- Sofia, Bulgaria.


Expected auditoria 30-40 participants from MoD, NDA, JFC, Other Ministries.

Open for NATO and PfP Countries.

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