13. Project: South Eastern Europe Exercising and Training Network (SEEETN) (2014)

13. Project: South Eastern Europe Exercising and Training Network (SEEETN) (2014)



Date: 2014

4th workin meeting 5-7 March 2014 in Sofia


Description: To provide the Armed Forces and Civilian Agencies of the South Eastern European countries with a persistent, distributed education and training capability that is able to support training, leveraging national expertise and capabilities. Focus on the need for development of a distributed and networked Exercise and Training (E&T) Capability, which will integrate and enhance existing national capabilities and will focus on the education and training of forces in order to prepare them to execute different kinds of missions. The aim is to include the Centre in the SEEETN, to provide SME support in the CMDR area, and to conduct courses, conferences and seminars in the CMDR area. The CHODs Initiative member states outlined the following vision for SEEETN: To develop SEEETN as a matter of priority under the agendas of the next chairmanships.


Location: Bulgaria-Albania-Turkey


Participants: The CMDR COE will participate with personnel (2) in SEEETN and in working meetings on this topic throughout the year.

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