Education and Training Branch

Education and Training Branch

Education and Training (E&T) Branch strives to ensure E&T solutions to the improvement and development of NATO CMDR capabilities, and of the European Union military training requirements on disaster response, humanitarian assistance, and civil protection as  the Union’s Military Training Discipline Leader in this domain. The CMDR COE is also a member of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) Executive Academic Board organising events under ESDC auspices, participating with SMEs and Lecturers in ESDC-led courses, and supporting training solution development.


The branch manages the planning, organisation, coordination and conduct of all CMDR COE E&T activities in accordance with the System Approach to  Training (SAT), including though the use of e-learning and mobile training opportunities. Our E&T experts are involved in a number of collective trainings and exercises in support of NATO E&T and exercises, as well as in different multinational or regional initiatives, contributing to scenario development, scripting of Main Event List/ Main Incident List; Exercise Control, and analysis on lessons-identified during execution phase.

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Education and Training is the Alliance enabler to collectively cope with the multitude of threats and challenges across the spectrum of conflict. Trained ...

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