On-line CMDR COE Conference 2020
On-line CMDR COE Conference 2020CMDR COE SUPPORT COVID-19 SURVEY ON CITIZENS′ PERCEPTIONS IN EU AND UKFramework Collaboration Agreement with the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS).CMDR COE on 5 yearsAnnouncement: CMDR COE Measures


Framework Collaboration Agreement Signed

The CMDR COE and the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS) join forces under a Framework Collaboration Agreement. 

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CMDR COE support COVID-19 Survey on citizens′ perceptions in EU and UK

CMDR COE encoureged our partners to support the European Commission′s Joint Research Centre, in cooperation with University College London, who has recently launched a European-wide study to understand perceptions, needs and priorities of the public affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency.

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On-line CMDR COE Conference 2020

Adapting to the requirements of а global pandemic, the CMDR COE leveraged on modern technology to transfer its annual Conference on Interagency Interaction in Crisis Management and Disaster Response to an online environment 

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