Duration and Absence

In general, the duration of the CMDR COE’s internship is no less than 3 (three) and no more than 6 (six) months. Changes are possible on a case-by-case basis, and depending on the availability of financial resources and the duration of specific projects.


Working hours for interns correspond to the official working hours for all CMDR COE Staff members – i.e. from 0800 until 1630, from Monday to Friday – 8 (eight) hours per day, 40 (forty) hours per week, with a half-an-hour (30 min) lunch break. Flexibility is possible upon the approval of the CMDR Director upon the recommendation of the direct supervisor. 


Working hours and official public holidays will be the same for interns as for regular CMDR COE Staff members. Absence, including due to sickness, is allowed but should be preceded by a notification, preferably of no less than a day prior to the absence, and approved by the direct supervisor. Unauthorised absences may result into the termination of the internship and preclude the intern from receiving an internship certificate and recommendation.  

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