Candidates and Condtitions

Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for an internship at the CMDR COE, you must fulfil all of the criteria outlined below, as of the date of application:

  1. Age: over 21 years of age.
  2. Nationality: Citizenship of a NATO Member State. Exceptions may be allowed on a case-by-case basis and upon Director CMDR approval;
  3. Education: University student or a recent graduate. For certain internship calls applicants may be required to have a degree in a specific field and at a master’s level or extended years of studies; 
  4. Languages: Proficiency in the CMDR COE’s working language - English. According to STANAG 6001 ENGLISH SLP 2-2-2-2, or a civilian equivalent.

Further to the general eligibility criteria strong motivation, teamwork ability, personal integrity, communication, writing, and computer skills will also form an integral part of the selection process.


Additional requirements for selected candidates


Interns will be assigned a project-paper relevant to their academic background and preferred professional development path. Each intern will be assigned a Direct Supervisor who, alongside being generally responsible for the conduct of the internship, will be responsible for providing information and guidance, including initial technical requirements, in the preparation of the paper. S/he will also provide editorial and follow-up support prior to the finalization of the paper. Upon finalization, interns will present their work in a specially organised meeting with the Director CMDR COE.



Applications for the CMDR COE Internship Programme will be accepted as either responses to specific calls for applications or as spontaneous applications.


  1. Calls for internship - applications past the announced deadlines will not be considered;
  2. Spontaneous application - should be made no less than 4 (four) months in advance of the desired internship start date.


All applications should consist of the following:

  1. Filled-in application form (click here to download);
  2. Curriculum vitae (Europass Format in English);
  3. At least one, but no more than three, recommendation letter from an academic or professional institution;
  4. A one-page Concept Note providing details on the applicant’s 1.motivation for undergoing an internship; 2. preferences and justification for specific positioning within Branch/Section; 3. expectations of the internship; 4. any other information considered relevant to the selection process.


Applications should be sent via e-mail to, alternatively by fax at +359 2 92 24755


The Internship Programme Committee will screen applications against the eligibility criteria and decide, where no preference is highlighted, on possible matches with specific Branch/Section. Successful candidates will be further contacted for arranging interviews – either in person or via Internet.


Gender and geographical balance between candidates will be accounted for, to the best possible level.  



Certificate and Recommendation


Upon completion of their internship interns will receive a Certificate and a recommendation, signed by the Director CMDR COE. There are two types of Certificate depending on the intern’s general performance and on the presentation of the final paper – Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Successful Completion.





In general, the duration of the CMDR COE’s internships is no less than 2 (two) and no more than 6 (six) months. Extensions are possible on a case-by-case basis, and depending on the availability and duration of individual projects.


Working hours for interns correspond to the official working hours for all CMDR COE Staff members – i.e. from 0800 until 1630, from Monday to Friday – 8 (eight) hours per day, 40 (forty) hours per week, with half an hour  (30 min) lunch break. Flexibility is possible upon Director CMDR approval.



Office Space and Equipment


Office space, furniture and equipment will be drawn from the CMDR COE Branch/Section’s own resources and planned prior the arrival of the intern.



Remuneration, Administrative procedures and Medical Insurance


The CMDR COE internships are unpaid. The CMDR COE internship is not connected with employment and has no employment prospects.


All costs related to travel, insurance, accommodation, and living expenses must be borne by the intern.


Interns will also be individually responsible for carrying out all administrative formalities requested by the Bulgarian Authorities concerning their legal status (legal residence in the Republic of Bulgaria) and Visa arrangements. The CMDR COE will assist the interns by providing them with all the necessary information and with a Letter of certifying their selection for the CMDR COE Internship Programme.


The CMDR COE bears no responsibility for the medical insurance of the intern or costs arising from accidents and illness incurred during an internship. Applicants for internship must show proof of valid medical insurance coverage.





Working hours and official public holidays will be the same for interns as for regular CMDR COE Staff members.


Absence, including due to sickness, is allowed but should be preceded by a notification, preferably of no less than a day prior to the absence, and approved by Direct Supervisor.


Unauthorized absences could lead to termination of the internship and preclude the intern from receiving an internship certificate and recommendation. 


Successful candidates


After the selection process has been closed, successful candidates will be contacted by the Section Heads of their future assignment ad provided with an Information Package including:

  • An internship agreement;
  • Intellectual Property Rights Waiver;
  • Certificate of Acknowledgment (Security Briefing);
  • Description of the project paper and daily tasks;
  • Internship evaluation report;
  • General information on location, surrounding, transportation.


During in-processing, all interns will undergo an induction course organised by the Internship Programme Officer[DaSE3] , covering information about the organisation, procedures, security as well as advice on how to have a successful internship.



Security and Status


Interns are not CMDR COE Staff members and hence, do not benefit from any privileges and immunities resulting from NATO SOFA and from the Paris Protocol. Interns shall not, if no explicit authorization is granted by Director CMDR COE, represent the CMDR COE in any official capacity.


Holding a Personal Security Clearance (PSC) is not a prerequisite for applying for a CMDR COE internship, however, undergoing national procedures for acquiring a PSC will be required upon selection. Selected interns are to themselves take all necessary steps and undergo all respective national administrative procedures for obtaining a PSC.


Interns will receive an initial Security Briefing conducted by the CMDR COE Security Officer, and will be required to follow and respect all rules, directives and directions, codes of conduct, and national regulations during their internship at the CMDR COE. Interns shall be, accordingly, held to the same standards, policies and procedures as regular Staff members, and shall bear all resulting responsibility for their demeanour during and after their internship.



Point of Contact


Col. Orlin Nikolov

Chief of  CMDR COE Capabilities Branch

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