CMDR COE Concludes 7th Annual Interagency Interaction Conference

CMDR COE Concludes 7th Annual Interagency Interaction Conference
Date: (06-06-2019)

The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence has concluded the 7th Annual Conference on Interagency Interaction in Crisis Management and Disaster Response on June 6, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. 


The CMDR Interagency Interaction Conference is an annual event which was held on June 5-6 in the Central Military Club in the Bulgarian capital. It brought together subject matter experts, researchers and educators, planners and developers, advisers and various actors, working in the crisis management and disaster response domain in order to promote a lively debate on relevant issues.


This year, more than 100 representatives of over 14 countries, including Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States took part in the event. The CMDR COE was honoured to welcome representatives of NATO HQ, ACT, the European Security Defence College, NATO COEs, SEEBRIG, BGR Ministry of Defense, BGR AF Command, Rakovski National Defence College, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, academia, as well as business and industry representatives.


The 2019 CMDR COE Annual Conference was divided in three panels, namely:

  • Conceptualising Resilience – Enabling Future CMDR;
  • Implication of Global Changes on Security;
  • Collaborative Interaction – Implications on Security.

The keynote speakers at the 7th Interagency Interaction in CMDR Conference included BG Philippe BOISGONTIER Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, ACT Staff Element Europe; LtG Atanas ZAPRYANOV (Ret.) Deputy Minister of Defence, BGR; Mr. Dirk DUBOIS Head of the European Security Defence College, Brussels; Vice Admiral Emil EFTIMOV Deputy Chief of Defence, BGR; Mr Patrick ANDREWS NATO HQ, Brussels; Col Dariusz MAJCHRZAK, Assoc. Prof. Vice rector of War Studies University, Warsaw.


The Conference opening address was delivered by the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Atanas Zapryanov, who expressed his firm belief in the success of the event, not only for the obtained lessons, but also for the establishment of a solid ground for constructive cooperation between the different institutions taking part in the Conference. Moreover, Mr. Zapryanov noted that cooperation and solid partnerships, united efforts, combined expertise and innovative thinking are of utmost importance in further developing and strengthening the capacity to meet the challenges and threats to our security. Deputy Defence Minister Zapryanov emphasized CMDR COE’s strong position among NATO’s Centres of Excellence, being the first one based on interagency cooperation


The opening address of the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Defence was followed by the welcome speech of CMDR COE’s Director, COL Orlin Nikolov, who noted that the Centre has been constantly improving its capabilities to act as a focal point of crisis management and disaster response analysis, expertise building, information and best-practices sharing. COL Nikolov added that current events worldwide have once again highlighted the critical need to establish and maintain interagency understanding and interaction in order to perform complex response and comprehensive approach to crises and disasters. CMDR COE’s Director concluded his speech by wishing all the participants a highly productive and fruitful Conference.


The constructive work and lively discussions throughout the two-day event have led to achieving the main objectives of the CMDR COE Annual Conference, including  the dissemination of knowledge, lessons learnt, as well as exchanging ideas among the members of the crisis management community of interest, providing opportunity for the researchers to present their work and share experience with other actors in the same field,  and to share data and facilitate the cooperation between research institutes and governmental organisations.




PRESENTATIONS you may download HERE


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