Online International Conference “NATO’s Response to Global Challenges: The Climate Change”, 17 November 2021

Online International Conference “NATO’s Response to Global Challenges: The Climate Change”, 17 November 2021
Date: (17-11-2021)

This event is co-sponsored by NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division



In the Brussels Summit Communiqué issued by the Heads of State and Government participating in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels 14 June 2021 the Climate change is described as one of the defining challenges of the present times, as a threat multiplier that impacts Allied security, both in the Euro-Atlantic area and in the Alliance’s broader neighborhood. Climate change affect the geopolitical environment and have an impact on the operations, resilience and capabilities. In addition the Allied nations are determined to contribute to the implementation of the goals of reducing the negative impact of different activities on the environment.


NATO Foreign Ministers endorsed NATO’s Climate Change and Security Agenda which provides a 360-degree approach and encompasses measures to increase both NATO’s and Allies’ awareness of the impact of climate change on security, along with developing clear adaptation and mitigation measures, and enhanced outreach, while ensuring a credible deterrence and defense posture and upholding the priorities of the safety of military personnel and operational and cost effectiveness.

Although NATO is not the first responder for every challenge related to climate change, the Alliance has a role to play in a comprehensive response to climate change. NATO decided to hold regular high-level climate and security dialogue to exchange views and coordinate further action.


In line with the NATO’s approach to the climate change, Sofia Security Forum, NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence, and NATO Public Diplomacy Division are organizing an international conference titled “NATO’S RESPONSE TO THE GLOBAL CHALLENGES: THE CLIMATE CHANGE” which will be held on November 17, 2021, online via Webex platform, and will be streamlined via social networks.

The event will bring together civilian and military executives, climate and security experts, think-tankers and media representatives for an in-depth discussion on the future practical steps that NATO, allies and partners may take. 



Main topics

  • NATO’s approach to the global challenges.
  • Implications of the Climate change on security – outcomes from the three-day seminar hosted by South Korea′s Ministry of Defense.
  • Climate change as a threat to sustainable development and security.


Panel 1: A need for a comprehensive response to climate change.

Panel 2: Why shall be military concerned about the climate change? Armed forces’ contribution to the implementation of the Climate goals.

Strategies and Good Practices – United States and Canada


Working language: English


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