CMDR COE celebrated its 7th Anniversary

CMDR COE celebrated its 7th Anniversary
Date: (31-03-2022)

On 31 March 2022, CMDR COE celebrated its 7th Anniversary. Having received an official accreditation by the North Atlantic Council (NAC) in 2015, the Centre was activated as a NATO Military body with an international status under Article 14 of the Paris Protocol, and it thus became the 21st NATO Centre of Excellence. During the past seven years, CMDR COE has demonstrated its active engagement with the support of the capability enhancement and the transformation within the Alliance.

On the occasion of its 7th Anniversary, the Centre was honored by the presence of Ambassadors and Defence Attachés from Embassies accredited in the Republic of Bulgaria (Albania, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Morroco, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, the United Kindgom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America), the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria – Mr. Yordan Bozhilov, the Deputy Chief of Defence – Lieutenant General Dimitar Iliev, the Advisors of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria on Security and Defence – Mr. Iliya Milushev and Mr. Stefan Godzhevargov, the Member of the Parliament - Mr. Hristo Simeonov, among others.


In his speech during the ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria congratulated the CMDR COE on its achievements, expressed gratitude to the Sponsoring Nations of the Centre for their support and cooperation, and highlighted the importance of Allied security, solidarity and cohesion. Furthermore, the Deputy Chief of Defence highlighted the long-standing cooperation between CMDR COE and the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence, pointed out the contribution of the Centre’s Sponsoring Nations to the enhancement of NATO’s defence and security capabilities, and expressed gratitude to the dedication and professionalism of the CMDR COE staff members. On behalf of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, his Advisor on Security and Defense placed emphasis on the high level of ambition, expertise and capabilities of CMDR COE, and congratulated the Centre’s leadership and staff on the occasion of the Anniversary of the Centre, by wishing them all the best, good health and strength to accomplish their mission.


Cordial greetings on the occasion were received from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Embassies accredited in the Republic of Bulgaria, HQ Allied Command Transformation, Directors of other COEs, Directorates of the Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces Commands, Military Police Service, Military Intelligence Service, Rakovski National Defence College, Central Office of Military Districts, NATO Force Integration Unit in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Armed Forces Women Association, partners, and former colleagues.


Regarding the current situation in Ukraine, a collection of charitable donations has been organized by CMDR COE and the collected amount of 1000 leva will support the Ukrainian citizens, whose accommodation is currently being provided by the Executive Agency “Military Clubs and Military Recreation” of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence.


CMDR COE continues to expand its network of Sponsoring Nations and of collaborative partnerships with key governmental and non-governmental organizations within the crisis management and disaster response domain. The common efforts of the CMDR COE staff members ensure the overcoming of the multiple challenges to the current security environment, and the current and future success of the organization.


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Happy 7th Anniversary!


CMDR Exercise Planners Training Course

21-25 November 2022, residential and online iteration

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CMDR COE in the Hungarian MOD Annual Disaster Response Conference

Annual event of the Defence Administration Department

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A discussion on resilience and gender perspectives

NATO IMS GENAD Office-organised Deep Dive session

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A workshop on project

Confrontation of CBRN - Terrorism Threats, 15-16 Nov 2022

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International Conference

Takes place on 17 November 2022 

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Signed Framework Collaboration Agreement

On the 16th November 2022 was signed a Framework Collaboration Agreement between the CMDR COE and "Carol I" National Defence University, Bucharest Romania.

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Euro-Atlantic Resilience Forum 2022

Euro-Atlantic Resilience Forum 2022: Black Sea Perspectives in the Age of Hybrid Aggression and Disinformation

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International GIS Day Conference

On the occasion of the World Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day

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Prolific meeting of the Steering Committee

The tenth meeting of the CMDR COE governing body

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Third AAB meeting

Gathering the Academic Advisory Board

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Assessment is important

HQ SACT Periodic Assessment Team visit, 24-25 Oct 2022

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CMDR COE joined the campaign

On the Day of Sofia, the CMDR COE representatives joined the Initiative „Let’s Clean Bulgaria Together”, which unites institutions, non-governmental and business organizations and volunteers in the name of the cause of a cleaner environment.

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A course for planners development

Crisis Response Operation Planners Professional Development Course (12-16 Sep 22)

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Final GFP course iteration in 2022

Congratulations to the new cohort of NATO GFPs!

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Gained Cup at the 8th Sofia Ekiden (Relay) Marathon

The CMDR COE Team won the cup in the category Governmental Institutions at the 8th Sofia Ekiden (Relay) Marathon on 6 September 2022.

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Welcome Newcomers


The CMDR COE warmly welcomed the enthusiastic newcomers.
The staff greeted COL László Juhász, LTC Vladislav Spiridonov, LTC Bosilkov, and the newly-promoted LTC Bachvarov and LTC Koev.
We believe in your future commitment and motivation!


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Extension of the Technical Agreement between CMDR COE and the Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy

An Annex to the Tehnical Agreement was signed between the CMDR COE and the Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy formalizing the commitment to implement the agreed activities within the next 5 years.

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Farewell Ceremonies


The CMDR COE said sad Farewell to our outgoing colleagues.
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ESDC Press Release on the Disaster Relief in CSDP Context Course

The European Security and Defence College (ESDC) had the honour of co-organising the course on Disaster Relief in CSDP Context, together with the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence, the Diplomatic Institute to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and the Romanian National College of Home Affairs. 

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Spring 2022 CMDR COE Interns successfully complete their internship

Interns present their research on CMDR-related topics.

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Disaster Relief in CSDP Context Course

The aim of the course is to provide basic knowledge about the impact of man-made, natural and climate driven disasters on the European Security.

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Honorary Award from the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute

CMDR COE Director awarded for contribution

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NATO Partnerships 360 Symposium

CMDR COE Panelist to the NATO Partnerships 360 Symposium.

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Hungary joins the CMDR COE

Official ceremony of accession

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Focus on Building Integrity

A senior leaders course, 27-30 June 2022

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