Gender Mainstreaming

The CMDR COE has a long-standing, and continuously growing, commitment to supporting gender mainstreaming in the security and defence sector, particularly in the CMDR domain. Building and fostering the required combined expertise in pursuit of the latter aim, the Centre has a dedicated GENAD and three certified gender trainers. Research and analysis on the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda and relatedly - the integration of gender perspectives in military contexts, is a continuous process which informs planning, policy elaboration, and education and training (E&T) development at the CMDR COE.

Gender mainstreaming is a critical aspect of course curriculum and is well-embedded into CMDR COE’s daily business. Each CMDR COE NATO-approved course features a module on gender exploring relevance for and importance to various CMDR activities.

The CMDR COE and the NCGM (NATO Department Head) joined forces in developing an original training solution which aims to support the establishment of a sound and functioning Gender Advisory Structure consisting of dedicated dual-hatted experts - gender focal points (GFPs). GFPs facilitate the integration of gender perspectives within their respective chain of command and thus contribute to the institutionalisation of gender-sensitive approaches to planning and decision-making.

As of 2021 the CMDR COE will begin offering four annual NATO Gender Focal Point course (GFP course) iterations - two resident and two online. 

The global pandemic has regrettably exhibited significant shortcomings in the systematic integration of gender perspectives across the political, economic, social, and technological spheres. COVID-19 has demonstrated that structural inequalities not only continue to exist but are often institutionalised and interpreted as part of organisational or occupational culture. These findings reverberate across the WPS community and call for immediate collective actions. As a dedicated member of the said community, the CMDR COE continues to monitor developments in the field and to suggest original and innovative solutions for an environment enabling inclusive and participatory security.

We continue to explore gender mainstreaming as a strategy for improving CMDR and for ensuring gender equality in the security and defence sector writ large.




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