EU TRA - Military role and tasks in CMDR - Second Workshop

EU TRA - Military role and tasks in CMDR - Second Workshop

EU TRA - Military role and tasks in CMDR - Second WorkshopDate: (25-04-2016)
City: Brussels
Duration: 2 days

In regards to the EU Training Requirements Analysis (TRA) in the discipline (Military role and tasks in) Crisis Management/Disaster Relief, the CMDR COE kindly invites you to participate in a Second Workshop    hosted by the EU Military Staff and chaired by the CMDR COE on 25-26 April 2016, in the Capital Building (EEAS HQ, Schuman Roundabout) in Brussels, Belgium.


For best results, the CMDR COE kindly invites Member States, EU institutions, NATO, Centres of Excellence, and other organisations and structures related to military training and education or disaster management to participate in the Second TRA Workshop.  The contribution of the participants in the first Workshop, the appointed Points of Contact/SME, who have provided the operational performance details as requested in the TRA questionnaire and discipline related training providers will be highly appreciated.


The purpose of the second TRA Workshop is to conduct the analysis by matching the requirements with the available opportunities for E&T (identifying training gaps, deficiencies and redundancies and solutions to cover the shortages and gaps).  


The result of the workshop will be The Final report on the conducted analysis presented to the EU Military Training Group for validation, with subsequent agreement with the EUMC.

The registration form, the event agenda, the draft TRA Final Report for the discipline will be published on the CMDR COE website ( Please note that the deadline for filling up the registration form is April 15, 2016.


Hopefully, with your assistance we can carry out this analysis in order to enhance and further develop EU’s education and training capabilities in the CMDR domain.


Please note, that the TRA Workshop Calling Letter is attached here

Agenda you can download here

Draft TRA Final Report is attached here.

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