Gender Focal Point Course (NATO APPROVED: NATO ETOC: GEN-GO-25432)

Gender Focal Point Course (NATO APPROVED: NATO ETOC: GEN-GO-25432)

Gender Focal Point Course (NATO APPROVED: NATO ETOC: GEN-GO-25432)Date: (10-02-2021)
City: Sofia
Location: CMDR COE
Duration: 3
Classification: NATO UNCLASSIFIED Releasable to Partners
Depth of knowledge: Level 200 / 300
Code: NATO ETOC: GEN-GO-25432

2021 GFP iterations:




22 - 25 FEB - invitation only (online iteration) (completed - NATO LANDCOM)

03 - 06 MAY - general applicaiton (online iteration) - CANCELLED        





04 - 08 OCT - general application (online iteration) - OPEN 


Application deadline: 01 SEPT 2021. Applications past that time will not be considered. Successful candidates will be notified by latest 10 SEPT 2021. Detailed agenda and technical guidance will be provided to successful candidates timely.

06 - 10 DEC - general application (online iteration) - OPEN


Application deadline: 01 NOV 2021. Applications past that time will not be considered. Successful candidates will be notified by latest 12 NOV  2021. Detailed agenda and technical guidance will be provided to successful candidates timely.




Background. The CMDR COE is continuously supporting NATO’s efforts at gender mainstreaming, particularly in the crisis management and disaster response domain. In order to institutionalise gender perspectives in and systematically apply gender-sensitive indicators to the planning and execution of every activity, both in peace and in crisis establishments, it is necessary to establish a sound and functioning Gender Advisory Structure consisting of dedicated dual-hatted experts.


Aim. The NATO-approved Gender Focal Point (GFP) Course (DoK: level 200/300) aims to enable personnel to perform successfully as GFPs by establishing a common understanding of the role and responsibilities of a GFP as regards their contribution to the integration of gender perspectives within respective functional areas. The CMDR COE is delivering the NATO GFP course at the strategy and operational levels.


Training Audience. Military officers (OF-2 and higher) and/or civil equivalent assigned to NATO HQs and agencies, missions and operations; NATO Ally and Partner nations′ Ministry of Defence and subordinated HQs; Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Learning Objectives:

- Provide advice on the integration of gender perspectives in all activities within the chain of commands’ / functional area of responsibility.

 - Discuss CR-SGBV in relation to chain of commands’ / functional area of responsibility.

- Liaise with external organizations to assist with the implementation of gender perspectives.

- Develop working relationships, within own organization, to assist with the chain of commands’ integration of gender perspectives.

- Maintain functional dialogue with GENAD.

- Maintain a monitoring function.

- Report on data in reports for integration of gender perspectives.

- Contribute to the lessons learned process. 


Prerequisite. Successful candidates must complete the following prerequisite NLT a week before course start:

1. MANDATORY: NATO ADL 169 - Improving Operational Effectiveness by Integrating Gender Perspective;


Total time for completion: 2x50 min


Successful candidates will be required to show proof of prerequisite completion. Failure to do so will preclude their participation in the NATO GFP course.


Please bear in mind that ALD 169 and ADL 131 require account registration with NATO e-learning platform: This platform is NOT managed by the CMDR COE. Please refer any technical matters to the NATO JADL Admin Support.


Pre-course assignments. In addition to course prerequisite, successful candidates will be required to perform two mandatory pre-course tasks: appx. 2h for completion. Instructions will be provided at the beginning of the week preceding course start.


Course assessment and certification. Each trainee must demonstrate an ability to perform in accordance with the course objectives. Trainees will be assessed against both individual and collective formative and summative assessment criteria. There are two types of certificates depending on overall performance: Certificate for Successful Completion and Certificate for Participation.


Methodology: E-Course. The NATO CMDR COE offers a synchronous instructor-guided online GFP course. The e-course follows the same requirements and standards of quality and certification as applicable to its face-to-face version. The e-GFP consists of live sessions with instructors in a virtual classroom; breakout syndicate rooms; self-paced and facilitatorguided individual and/or collective tasks. The study method is premised on the principles of adult learning and formative and summative assessments will be tailored to the specifics of the online environment.


Online platforms. The E-GFP course will leverage the functionalities of the Cisco WebEx Meetings video teleconferencing platform for enabling live sessions, task de-briefs and discussions. Cisco WebEx Meetings can be run in an Internet browser or downloaded as an application. We recommend that you download the desktop application: There is no requirement to have or to create an account with Cisco WebEx Meetings to attend the course. 

The CMDR COE Internet Portal provides the space for general communication, information and course materials sharing, and feedback. Successful candidates will be created personal accounts on the Portal and provided with initial account credentials (via email). Login:


In order to be able to attend the course basic computer skills; access to the Internet and stable Internet connection, and working audio (microphone) and video (camera) functions are required.


Language. The course will be conducted entirely in English. The command of English language must be at a professional level and in accordance with STANAG 6001 (3-2-3- 2) or CEFRL (B2+/C1).


Attendance and Learning environment. Successful candidates are expected to attend and fully engage with all course activities and to limit distractions as much as possible. The intensive course schedule does not allow for absences. Certificate for successful completion shall not be awarded to trainees, who have accumulated 10% absence of the total course duration, or of a critical course assignment.

In addition, the CMDR COE highly recommends that trainees join online courses from an environment that would allow for active and full engagment with the course content.


Application. Course application is mandatory and the application form can be accessed on the CMDR COE’s official website. Visit the website at, go to Events; select Courses and find the GFP course on the course list; select an iteration from the drop-down menu and click on Register now. In order to proceed with the application, and to attend the course, applicants need to familiarise with and agree to the CMDR COE Privacy and Data Protection Policy.


Number of trainees:

- face-to-face iterations: minimum 15, maximum 30

- online iterations: minimum 10, maximum 20 


Dress code:

General (both military and civilian): Smart casual.

Optional (military): Uniform.


Medical. Face-to-face iterations: Participants are expected to have a valid insurance coverage for their stay in Bulgaria


Course Fee. The course fee is € 200 for both face-to-face and online iterations. The fee is due one week in advance of course start and can be payed online. Successful candidates will receive a payment link. In case of no show past the cancellation deadline, the course fee is non-reimbursable.

Fee exemptions: speakers and participants from the CMDR COE Sponsoring nations – the Hellenic Republic and the Republic of Poland.

Face-to-face iterations: selected trainees are responsible for arranging and covering their travel, accommodation and per diem. The CMDR COE could provide accommodation suggestions upon request.  


Cancellation. Cancellation of participation allowing for fee reimbursement is only possible if provided via email NLT two weeks in advance of course start. The CMDR COE reserves the right to cancel the course within the same deadline in case the minimum number of participants is not reached or circumstances beyond the Centre′s control prevent course delivery. A written notice will be circulated to all successful candidates.


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- Sofia Municipality:

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- Railway transport:

- City mobility:  

- Sofia guide:

- Sofia free tours -  





- Course Director - CIV Gergana VAKLINOVA:; +359 2 92 24 741; +359 889 371 898

- OPR: CIV Svilena DAROVA,; +359 2 92 24 743

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