Gender Focal Point Pilot Course

Gender Focal Point Pilot Course

Gender Focal Point Pilot CourseDate: (05-02-2019)
City: Sofia
Duration: 3

Location: Hotel Shipka

Classification: NATO UNCLASSIFIED, Releasable to Partners

Depth of knowledge: Level 200 / 300


The CMDR COE is dedicating targeted efforts at supporting NATO’s gender mainstreaming in the crisis management and disaster response domain. In order to institutionalize gender perspectives in every activity, it is necessary to establish a sound and functioning Gender Advisory Structure consisting of dedicated dual-hatted experts. To adequately prepare gender focal points (GFPs) for their role and responsibilities, and to ensure they provide relevant and practical information, the CMDR COE in cooperation with the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM), NATO Department Head for Gender in Military Operations discipline, have been working closely together on developing a GFP course programme. 



The Gender Focal Point (GFP) course aims to enable personnel to perform successfully as a GFP within strategic and operational organizations. The course provides the trainees with the GENAD Advisory Structure and the knowledge of how their role as a GFP contributes to larger organizational efforts to institutionalize the application of gender perspectives in all activities. Course emphasis is on enabling the GFP to support their chain of command in mainstreaming gender perspectives within their own area of responsibility.


Training Audience:

Military officers (OF-1 and higher) and/or civil equivalent assigned to NATO HQs and agencies, missions and operations; NATO Ally and Partner nations′ Ministry of Defence and subordinated HQs; Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Learning Objectives:

- Provide advice on the integration of gender perspectives in all activities within the chain of commands’ / functional area of responsibility.

 - Discuss CR-SGBV in relation to chain of commands’ / functional area of responsibility.

- Liaise with external organizations to assist with the implementation of gender perspectives.

- Develop working relationships, within own organization, to assist with the chain of commands’ integration of gender perspectives.

- Maintain functional dialogue with GENAD.

- Maintain a monitoring function.

- Report on data in reports for integration of gender perspectives.

- Contribute to the lessons learned process. 



 - ADL 169 - Improving Operational Effectiveness by Integrating Gender Perspective

-  ADL 171 – Gender Focal Point

-  Solid experience within own occupational field;

-  Language proficiency (STANAG 6001): 3-2-3-2; 



The course consists of interactive lectures, practical tasks, case studies, and a final hands-on task. The study method used is premised on the principles of adult learning so as to allow trainees to be actively internalising and processing new knowledge. Formative and summative assessment will be made on in-class activities and will be monitored by dedicated mentors.



The command of English language should be at a professional level, acording to the criteria stated in STANAG 6001- 3-2-3-2. Equivalent civilian certification will also be accepted. 



Participants are expected to attend all course activities as the intense programme does not allow for absences during the course. Late arrivals or early departures cannot be accepted. Certificate for successful completion shall not be awarded in case absences are recorded.



Mandatory online registration should be completed as soon as possible, but no later than 7 January 2019. The required minimum for course conduct is 10 participants, and the maximum – 30.

Admitted applicants will be notified by e-mail, including information and welcome package, no later than 14 January 2019.



Participants are expected to have a valid full medical and other insurance coverage for their stay in Bulgaria.


Course Fee:

The course fee is € 100, excluding speakers, and participants from the CMDR COE Sponsoring nations – the Hellenic Republic and the Republic of Poland.

All incurring costs, such as travel, accommodation and meals, are to be borne by participants.



Cancellation of participation is only possible with a 2-week notice prior to the start date of the course. The entire course fee will be charged past the afore-mentioned period.




- Course Director - CIV Gergana VAKLINOVA:; +359 2 92 24 726; +359 889 371 898

- OPR – CIV Boris GUENOV,, +359 2 92 24 736

- Executive Officer – Iliyana IVANOVA,, + 359 2 92 24 718

Gender Focal Point Pilot Course
Gender Focal Point Pilot Course

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