CMDR COE Carried Out Fruitful Crisis Management and Disaster Response Interagency Interaction Annual Conference 2016

CMDR COE Carried Out Fruitful Crisis Management and Disaster Response Interagency Interaction Annual Conference 2016
Date: (02-06-2016)

CMDR COE conducted its fourth annual conference for Crisis Management and Disaster Response Interagency Interaction from 31st May to 02nd June in Marinela Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The annual event brought together subject matter experts, researchers and educators, planners and developers, advisers and various actors working in the crisis management and disaster response domain in order to promote a lively debate on relevant issues.


This year, more than 110 representatives of international organizations and institutions from a total of 13 NATO and PfP nations took part in the annual event. CMDR COE was pleased to host participants from UN OCHA, ACT, JFC Naples and JFC Brunssum, NATO COEs, Land Command Turkey, ARRC UK and RRC France, the Polish Humanitarian Action, Bulgarian MFA , MOD and Ministry of Economy, Bulgarian JFC, Navy and Land Forces Command, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Defense Academy "G.S. Rakovski" and the National Military University “V. Levski”, the Bulgarian Red Cross, MASA Group, Bulgarian Modeling and Simulation Association – BULSIM and IBM among others.


The conference opening address was delivered by the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Dimitar Kyumyurdzhiev. Mr. Kyumyurdzhiev was followed by the welcome speech of the CMDR COE Director, COL Vassil Roussinov who emphasized the importance of leadership, commitment and cooperation - the basic ingredients of any response that strives for effectiveness.

The keynote speakers of the conference were Prof. Jose Julio Gonzalez from the University of Agder, Norway and Mr. Grzegorz Gruca, vice president of the Polish Humanitarian Action. 


Three ideas underlay this year’s conference as clustered in the shape of three plenary sessions.

- Lessons Learned From Disasters Relief And Humanitarian Assistance. 

- Consequence Management and the Mitigation of the Natural and Manmade Disasters. 

- M&S Support for Crisis and Disaster Management Processes and Climate Change Implications.


The CMDR COE is glad to announce that the main objectives of the 2016 Conference have been met. Among them were:

- To spread the knowledge concerning Lessons Identified/Lessons Learned in disasters relief and humanitarian assistance, consequence management and the ways of mitigation the effects of the natural and manmade calamities.

- To make the contacts in order to exchange ideas among the members of the crisis management community of interest.

- The researchers from different countries to have the opportunity to present their work and to share experience with other scientists working in the field of Climate change.

- To share data between researchers in different countries, cooperation between research institutes and governmental organizations, the application of hydrological and meteorological research for the planning of disaster prevention activities according implications of Climate change in military operations and disaster occurrence.


The CMDR COE staff would like to extend their gratitude for the fruitful discussion and the contribution from the participants.


6th CMDR COE Anniversary

On the 31st March 2015 CMDR COE received the official accreditation from the North Atlantic Council and was activated as a NATO military body with international status.

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Crisis Management and Disaster Response Course accomplished its goals

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Awarded by the Bulgarian Chief of Defence

In recognition of the exceptional contribution to Balkan Bridges′2019 Exercise, ADM Emil EFTIMOV awarded COL Orlin NIKOLOV and LTC Valeri TONEV.

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First NATO-certified GFP course for 2021

Continuing the enlargement of the Gender Focal Point Community

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Continuous Cooperation with Local Authorities

An initial planning conference for exercise in the town of Belene

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Centre′s Participation in ACT Online Conference

Looking at ways to improve logistics management, pandemic analysis and Information Environment Assessment capabilities

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Deserved Recognition – Firefighter of Year 2020

A distinguished contribution of CMDR COE team

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 EADRCC together with CMDR COE in a Webinar, January 27

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Online Strategic Decision Making for CRO

An Advanced Distributed Learning

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Successful Internship Programme Period

Internship from 2 to 13 November 2020

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The MSG-187 Has Commenced

MSG-187 ′Space Weather Environmental Modelling′ (SWEM) is led by CMDR COE 

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A Monthly Stipend for Prospective Young Professionals

The CMDR COE′s Internship Programme introduces a stipend for its successful internship candidates. 

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Geographic Information Systems Day

An online conference was held in Bulgaria on November 18 on the occasion of the World Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day.

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Coordination Efforts for Crisis Management Exercise in 2021

Development to assist municipalities’ efforts in crisis management and disaster response 

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Distinguished visit in CMDR COE

Welcoming H. E. Mr. Jeong Jin-Kyu, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Bulgaria.

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Continuing the enlargement of the GFP Community

First group of certified gender focal points at NATO Allied Command Operations.

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Beneficial Cooperation with Local Community

CMDR COE in support to Krasno Selo and Sixth District of Fire Safety and Civil Protection Service (FSCPS), Sofia Municipality

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Preparing NATO and Allies to the Future

Prominant international conference online

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Towards On-Demand Personalized Training and Decision Support

A virtual symposium of NATO Modelling & Simulation Group

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The Online CMDR Exercise Planners Training Course

Success via virtual space of CMDR COE 

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Eighth CMDR COE Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee is the main body for guidance, oversight and decisions on all matters concerning the administration, policies and operation of the CMDR COE. 

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CBRN Analysis Operator Course

CMDR COE hosted a CBRN Analysis Operator Course

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Visit from NATO Stability Policing COE

Welcome to Colonel De Magistris, Director of NATO Stability Policing COE

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Announcement: 1st International Conference on Environmental Protection and Disaster Risks

The CMDR COE is pleased to announce the first international on-line conference on environmental protection and disaster risks “ENVIRORISKS” scheduled for 29 and 30 September 2020.

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CMDR COE in non-traditional threats domain

A project by NATO Public Diplomacy Division

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GFP journey continues, virtually!

The CMDR COE with its first NATO-certified Gender Focal Point course online

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