Preparing NATO and Allies to the Future

Preparing NATO and Allies to the Future
Date: (27-10-2020)

The NATO Deputy Secretary General, Mr Mircea Geoana and Rear Admiral John Tammen, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Plans and Policies (DCOS SPP) at NATO Headquarters, Supreme Allied Command Transformation took part in the international conference “Preparing NATO and the Allies to the future challenges” on 27 October 2020. This very prominent online conference was held by the CMDR COE in collaboration with Sofia Security Forum and Bulgarian Naval Academy and under patronage of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria. It was supported by the NATO′s Public Diplomacy Division and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation.


A range of topics were presented by key speakers across the Atlantic to the virtual participants. Conference’s panels covered issues of the ongoing covid pandemic and the importance of Allied solidarity in the present situation. All lecturers placed special emphasis upon the establishment of sufficient capabilities in order to meet further challenges, notably stockpiles of medical supplies; opportunities and risks deriving from the emergence of new technologies; and the imperative for the Allied militaries and societies to increase their resilience to cyber and hybrid threats, terrorism and climate change.


Turning to practical cooperation, Mr. Geoana stated that NATO has provided continued support in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, primarily with logistic of medical supplies and protective equipment.  He highlighted that Allies are committed to continue supporting the countries outside NATO to deal with this crisis, responding to their requests for assistance to the Euro Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre. He pointed out the importance to keep strong unity between NATO Members and their societies inside as well as sharing responsibility.


Rear Admiral Tammen stressed attention to the combine work of Allies focused on adaptation in newly emerged realities worldwide. He emphasized that NATO should have a clear vision of the changes that occur and must adapt to them as collective defense will have to be provided under the circumstances caused by the rapid hi-tech development and virus pandemic implications.


All speakers pointed out that further challenges to NATO and Member States will require more efficient spending, enhanced sharing of knowledge and expertise, as well as cooperation between security sector, academia and industries. Furthermore, the current crisis shows that it is extremely important to improve the synergy between military and civilian capabilities as a prerequisite for improved efficiency.


On his turn to the conference, the CMDR COE Director, Colonel Nikolov referred as “The current pandemic possesses a serious challenge and a crucial test for all Allies. We are convinced that it is only through joint efforts that we will be able not only to deal with this crisis but also to come out of it more united. We highly appreciate the idea of developing the discussion on topic Preparing NATO and the Allies to the future challenges” based on the lessons learned. As we know, in the midst of every crisis lies an opportunity that we have to take advantage of, so that we are better prepared for similar situations in the future”.


The CMDR COE thanks all speakers, organisations and individuals who performed this prominent conference and added value to its success.




Implications of Climate Change and Disasters on Military Activities: Building Resiliency and Mitigating Vulnerability in the Balkan Region

CMDR COE would like to share with counterparts, collaborators and the whole crisis management and disaster response community of interest its first good news for the New 2016.

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Training Requirements Analysis Workshop Brings Together Subject Matter Experts in Lively Discussion

        The Training Requirements Analysis (TRA) workshop for the discipline Military role and tasks in Crisis Management/Disaster Relief was held on 13-14 January 2016 in Shipka Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria. The workshop was attended by more than 20 participants from eight EU countries (AUT, BEL, GER, BUL, FIN, CYP, POL, ROM) and EU Military Training Group (EUMTG). The Working Group comprised experts from the Bulgarian National Defense College, other COEs, Defense Ministries and EU institutions. 

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Second Strategic Level Course Sets Positive Trend

CMDR COE has executed successfully from 1 to 3 December 2015, for the second consecutive time a course with the aim of providing Strategic Decision Makers with comprehensive knowledge of NATO Crisis Response Operations Planning.

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Excellent Feedback Received as Pilot Disaster Management Course Wrapped Up

CMDR COE successfully conducted the first Disaster Management Course from 17th to 19th November 2015.

During the 3-day course participants acquired basic knowledge related to disasters as a phenomenon, the disaster management process and its close relation to the risk management process, as well as the main players and mechanisms in disaster response.

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Crisis Response Operations Planners Professional Development Course was successfully conducted

CMDR COE successfully conducted for the second consecutive time the Crisis Response Operations Planners Professional Development Course from 20th to 22nd October 2015.

The aim of the course was directed at acquisition of comprehensive knowledge related to Crisis Management in NATO, functioning of NATO Crisis Response System with emphasis on NATO Crisis Response Planning at operational level.

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CMDR COE Holds Third Steering Committee Meeting

On October 14-15, 2015, the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) hosted its Steering Committee Meeting for the third year. 

The annual sessions are the venue where the Framework Nation and Sponsoring Nations set out all required prerequisites to be provided by the CMDR COE every year.

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Military Attaché Corps Visit

The Sofia Military Attaché Corps has paid a visit to the Crisis Management and Disaster Response COE. The attaches were familiarized with the ongoing projects objectives of the Centre and met with its staff members. Col Roussinov, CMDR COE Director presented the main activities and focused attention to their significant contribution to the enhancing of nationwide capabilities for crisis management and disaster response.

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CMDR COE Successfully Conducted Interagency Interaction Seminar

The CMDR COE has carried out its third annual Interagency Interaction Seminar at Boyana Residence, Sofia, Bulgaria in the period 8-9 JUN 2015.

The keynote speakers of the seminar were Mr. Dimitar Kyumyurdzhiev – Deputy Minister of Defence, Mr. Guenter Bretschneider - Head of the CEPOS, IS, NATO HQ, RADM Chris Sadler - Reserve Deputy Director, Maritime Operations U.S. Fleet Forces Command and Col Vassil ROUSSINOV – CMDR COE Director.

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CMDR COE to Launch Third Annual Seminar and Urbanisation Experiment Final Coordination Conference

The CMDR COE is pleased to announce the launch of its third Interagency Interaction Seminar combined with the Urbanisation Experiment Final Coordination Conference (FCC) and Experiment Control Training Session.

The two major events are scheduled to take place at Boyana Residence, Sofia, Bulgaria in the period 8-12 JUN 2015.

The Interagency Interaction Seminar will be held over the course of two days - 8-9 JUN, 2015.

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CMDR COE hosted Partnership Realtime Information, Management and Exchange System (ePRIME) Training Course.

On May 27th 2015 the Bulgarian Deputy Defence Minister, Mr. Dimitar Kyumyurdzhiev formally opened the Partnership Real time Information, Management and Exchange system (ePRIME) training course. This event is organized by the Cooperation and Regional Security Division, NATO HQ International Military Staff, led by Rear Admiral Emil Eftimov. This course is hosted by the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Center of Excellence (CMDR COE).


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The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Course was successfully conducted from 19 to 21 MAY 2015 by CMDR COE.

The aim of the course was to provide the attendees with theoretical foundations of NATO Structure and Crisis Management. In addition, the teamworks allowed the participants to apply the theoretical knowledge into practice interacting with respective NATO entities.

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CMDR COE Annual Seminar Info Package

CMDR COE is pleased to announce that its third annual seminar for Crisis Management and Disaster Response Interagency Interaction will be held at the Boyana Residency, Sofia from Monday 8th June to Tuesday 09th June 2015.

Three ideas underlie this year seminar as clustered in the shape of three plenary sessions.


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The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) is delighted to announce that the on 31st March the silence procedure by NAC has ended and the Centre has earned status as the 21st NATO COE and its activation as a NATO Military Body with a granted international status under Article 14 of the Paris Protocol, as recommended by HQ SACT.


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Climate Change Adaptation Seminar Unveiled

After successful conduction of the seminar "Visualizing Implication of Climate Change on Military Activities and Relationships" in 2013, its successor "Building Resiliency and Decreasing Vulnerability through Climate Change Adaptation" was unveiled on 30 March 2015. Commodore Mihaylov, director of the Operations and Training Directorate - Bulgarian MOD, formally opened the seminar in Triaditza Hall at Grand Hotel Sofia. The event brings together flag-level representatives of governmental bodies from several NATO countries and 4 PfP nations. It is hosted again by CMDR COE and organized in partnership with the U.S. European Command.

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CMDR COE Supports Ex-Balkan Bridges`2015 IPC

The aim of this hybrid training event is to enhance Balkan States′ capabilities to respond to a regional crisis while testing and improving interoperability of their Modeling and Simulation capabilities.

The IPC organized by Joint Force Command, was held in Charalitsa on 18 and 19 of March 2015. Participants from Ankara, Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Tirana and NATO – JFTC took part in the meeting.

The busy schedule of the event included brief and discussions on the EXPLAN, Geo-strategic situation and initial assessment. Fruitful syndicate work with important deliverables for the exercise development process were held.

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Rewarding Outcome of the Higher Command Crisis Response Operations Course

The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) successfully conducted the pilot Higher Command Crisis Response Operations Course from 24th to 26th of February 2015.

The aim of the course was to introduce the attendees to the competences and tools, enabling successful application of solutions in response to crisis in national or international environment.

The objectives were fully covered over the course of three days which resulted in common understanding on NATO Crisis Management and Political-Military relations and armed the participants with proper tools for management of main activities connected to Political-Military Estimate at Strategic Level.

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CMDR COE Hosts the Final Adaptation Planning Conference for NATO Crisis Management Exercise 2015

On Dec 16th, 2014, the Bulgarian Deputy Defence Minister, Mr. Dimitar Kyumyurdzhiev formally opened the Final Adaptation Planning Conference (FAPC) for the Crisis Management Exercise (CMX) 2015. Involving 153 participants from NATO states plus Australia, Japan and Ukraine it had the aim to finalize and adapt the training efforts in order to carry out successfully the upcoming CMX 2015 as effectively and efficiently as possible. "We, representatives of all member states, must be responsible for ensuring that we have in place crisis management and organization capable for managing any unexpected situation. We have to maintain and further develop our capabilities as to fulfill the expectation that the public has entrusted us", pointed Mr. Kyumyurdzhiev in his opening speech.

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Crisis Response Operations Planners Professional Development Course was successfully conducted

The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) successfully conducted the pilot Crisis Response Operations Planners Professional Development Course from 26th to 28th November 2014.

Numerous experts attended the course including representatives from the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence, JFC, Army, Chief Directorate Fire Safety and Civil Protection under the Ministry of Interior, Bulgarian Red Cross, as well as representatives from the Defence Administration Office and the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary, and the CCD COE, Estonia.

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Successful Accreditation visit to CMDR COE

On 24-25 November 2014, the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) hosted two important events – the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting and the Accreditation Visit from HQ SACT.

During the Steering Committee meeting on 24 November, the SC members approved the proposed Program of Work 2015 of the Centre as well as the proposed CMDR COE budget estimates for FY-2015.

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CMDR COE hosted NATO Flag-level StratCom Course

On 22 October 2014, the Deputy Chief of Defence, Major General Konstantin Popov opened the Flag-level Strategic Communications Course.

Organized by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria and CMDR COE in partnership with HQ SACT and STRATCOM COE, the course brings together flag-level representatives of governmental bodies from 11 countries - with the goal to enhance the common understanding in the field of Public Diplomacy, Public Affairs, Information Operations and Psychological Operations.


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Another international assignment at CMDR COE

CMDR COE is pleased to announce that COL Jarosław KUBISZ is joining the Centre to run our Transformation Branch activities.

COL Jarosław KUBISZ representing the Polish Armed Forces (PAF). He finished officers′ military school in 1994, and Academy of National Defence in 2002. Last time he served inter alia in Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the PAF and Crisis Management Centre of the Ministry of National Defence. In both mentioned above institutions he has dealing with crisis management matters in PAF and NATO as well.

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CMDR COE will conduct Crisis Response Operations Planners Professional Development Course

Crisis management is one of the fundamental security tasks of the Alliance along with collective defense and cooperative security. Depending on the nature of the crisis, different types of crisis management operations may be required. The good operations planning process understanding is essential for all NATO Planners. In line with this, Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) developed and will run pilot Crisis Response Operations Planners Professional Development Course from 26th to 28th November 2014. The course will be held in English at Shipka hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Opening ceremony of the CMDR COE as an International Organization

"We have to learn to counter effectively to the new hybrid type of crisis and disasters, destabilizations and confrontations. And this Centre is a way ahead", stated the Bulgarian president Mr. Rosen Plevneliev in his address to the Opening ceremony of the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) as an International Organization. The ceremony was with the presence of ambassadors and military attaches of diplomatic missions accredited to the Republic of Bulgaria, commanders of the armed forces, and representatives of other ministries and departments.

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A Standing Invitation to the CMDR COE from the Tennessee National Guard

The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) welcomed Major General Terry M. Haston, the Adjutant General Tennessee National Guard for an official visit on August 7th, 2014.

During his visit, Maj. General Haston had an office call with the CMDR COE Director, Col. Vassil Roussinov. The meeting was attended by Maj Hancock, bilateral affairs officer, Office for Defense Cooperation of US Embassy and CMDR COE branch chiefs, Col Nikolay Nikolov and LtC Dimitar Dimitrov.

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Outstanding upshots gained from the CMDR COE’s Annual Seminar

CMDR COE has successfully hosted its 2nd Annual Seminar, which is designed to facilitate meeting of experts and sharing of experience among bodies dealing with crisis and disaster response. The event took place from 1st to 3rd July, 2014 in Sofia.

Interagency interaction in crisis management and disaster response was the main topic of the seminar. "...If we are united and share our common experiences we will be ready to tackle the different and sometimes unexpected crises and disasters. Crucial for this is the interagency cooperation..." pointed out Rear Admiral Petev in his opening speech.

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Fruitful cooperation between CMDR COE and TEMA

CMDR COE delegation was in Nashville, Tennessee to attend the four-day 2014 CAPSTONE exercise (16-19 June 14) led by the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA). The purpose of this visit was to make acquaintance with the TEMA procedures and practices of designing and conducting disaster response exercises. The current one was on a scenario of an earthquake with magnitude 7.7 resulting into severe impacts in 8 states. During the exercise were briefings and presentations concerning the organization and responsibilities of the state′s entities in response of a disaster. CMDR COE team held meetings with representatives from the private sector and Red Cross & Red Crescent who present their engagements in case of emergencies. The CMDR COE delegation was well received by MGen Terry M. Haston, commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Military as he praised the successful partnership between CMDR COE and the State of Tennessee. He also highlighted ideas for further cooperation as more significant contributions by civilian organizations from NATO countries.

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Another International recognition for the CMDR COE

The CMDR COE has received a formal letter of appreciation on behalf of the Croatian Armed Forces General Staff. It recognizes the great efforts CMDR COE Mobile Training Team has done to conduct courses in regard of the of exercise SEESIM 14 preparation process. Expressing special thanks, the Croatian site states the desire to develop cooperation in future.


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CMDR COE hosted the workshop Military Medical Response in Disaster Management

On 28-30 April 2014, the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) hosted the workshop Military Medical Response in Disaster Management, sponsored by US European Command (USEUCOM) and the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence. The 3-day workshop focused on topics related to principles and practices of medical and psychological support in military missions as well as in operations in response of disasters. The workshop was attended by more than 25 participants from the Bulgarian Military Medical Academy, Joint Force Command, Land Forces, Air Force, medical experts from the services HQs, and Bulgarian Red Cross. Informative presentations delivered by instructors of 212-th Combat Support Hospital and Military Medical Academy and fruitful discussions during each session treated of important issues like framework of disaster planning process, components of basic and contingency plans, psychological aspects of disaster reaction and preventive medicine.

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Exercise Planners’ Training Course was conducted by CMDR COE NDA Mobile Training Team (MTT)

The Exercise Planners′ Training Course was conducted by the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) National Defense Academy Mobile Training Team (MTT) in conjunction with the SEESIM 14 Main Planning Conference (MPC) in the Croatian Defense Academy in Zagreb from 31 March to 1 April 2014.

The course was designed to enhance the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of NATO and Partners′ Exercise Planners. The course was attended by 46 participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Romania, Montenegro, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, USA, Greece, and SEEBRIG.

The participants were familiarized by members of the MTT with NATO and EU approaches in crisis management and disaster response as well the main exercise planning documents and stages. Presentations "Introduction to Exercise Planning Process", "NATO and EU Crisis Management Systems and Mechanisms", "Main Stages in NATO Exercise Planning Process", "Computer Assisted Exercises and Simulations", and "NATO Crisis Management and Operations Planning" was included in the main part of the course.

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High level visits in the CMDR COE and SABER GUARDIAN exercise

U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria, Marcie B. Ries paid a special visit to the Host Nation Coordination Cell (HNCC) a component of Saber Guardian 2014 co-hosted by the CMDR COE. The Ambassador took part in a VTC with the 7th Civil Support Commander at Novo Selo Training Area and expressed an active interest in matters of the exercise. The Ambassador familiarized with the objectives and goals of Saber Guardian 14 provided realism to the exercise execution. The CMDR COE then hosted the Ambassador at their headquarters where she met with the CMDR Staff.

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