14. Exercise SEESIM 14 (Working meetings, MPC, FCC, Execution)

14. Exercise SEESIM 14 (Working meetings, MPC, FCC, Execution)



Date: January- October 2014

31 Mar - 04 April - MPC, Zagreb, Croatia

03-05 June - FPC, Zagreb, Croatia

23-26 Sep - Execution, Zagreb, Sofia


Description: The Exercise promotes the coordinated, rapid, interagency response of SEDM nations to real world threats – both natural and man-made – to our individual and collective security. The main goals of SEESIM 14 are to standardize and improve national, SEEBRIG HQ and regional processes and procedures in emergency response situations; improve interoperability among the SEDM nations and SEEBRIG HQ; Encourage development of national and regional modeling and simulation capabilities; The Centre will provide SME support in the CMDR area for SEESIM exercise.


Location: Croatia


Participants: The CMDR COE will participate with personnel (5) in SEESIM 14, including working meetings.

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